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penetralia n : the innermost parts [also: penetralium (pl)]

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  1. innermost, secret or hidden parts
  2. The innermost parts of a building, such as a shrine, recess or a sanctuary within a temple.
    • 1748, Tobias George Smollett, The Adventures of Roderick Random
      I believe, had I been in the inmost recesses of my habitation--the very penetralia--your eagerness would have surmounted bolts, bars, decency, and everything.

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Penetralia is the debut album of Hypocrisy released in 1992. The cover artwork is created by Dan Seagrave. The digipak reissue contains two bonus tracks; "Life of Filth" (from Death....Is Just the Beginning II) and "Lead by Satanism".

Track listing

  1. "Impotent God" − 3:49
  2. "Suffering Souls" − 3:27
  3. "Nightmare" − 4:29
  4. "Jesus Fall" − 3:28
  5. "God is a Lie" − 2:59
  6. "Left to Rot" − 3:34
  7. "Burn by the Cross" − 4:47
  8. "To Escape is to Die" − 3:54
  9. "Take the Throne" − 5:21
  10. "Penetralia" − 6:34
  11. "Life of Filth" (bonus track, digipak reissue only)
  12. "Lead by Satanism" (bonus track, digipak reissue only)
"God is a Lie" is sometimes called "God is a..." on the back cover.
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